An odd Cerean with a knack for technology


Species: Cerean
Career: Sentinel
Specialization Trees: Artisan

Brawn: 3
Agility: 1
Intellect: 3
Cunning: 3
Willpower: 2
Presence: 2

Wound Threshold: 12
Strain Threshold: 15
Soak Value: 3
Defense (Ranged/Melee): 0/0

Skills: Computers 2, Deception 1, Mechanics 2, Perception 1, Vigilance 1, Ranged – Heavy 1, Knowledge (Lore) 1, Knowledge (Outer Rim) 1, Knowledge (Underworld) 1.

Emotional Strength: Curiosity
Emotional Weakness: Obsession
Morality: 50

Talents: Fine Tuning 1, Solid Repairs 1, Imbue Item.

Motivations: Ambition – Discovery

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 1.9 meters
Build: Athletic
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Gray
Notable Features: Has a cybernetic electromonocular implant for his right eye.

Equipment: Blaster Rifle (Ranged – Heavy; Damage 9; Critical 5; Range [Long]; Stun Setting, Telescopic Optic Sight), Heavy Clothes, Commlink, Stimpack (x2), Tool Kit, Utility Belt, Electromonocular (cybernetic).


Irsu-Xin-Tiro did not grow up like other Cereans. He was raised far away from Cerea, on the distant world of Raxus Prime. There, he grew up largely separate from the quiet and focused life of his ancestors. His parents were his only real influence for Cerean culture, but as a precocious young male he often found himself curious about the junk the Jawas were dealing in, much to the annoyance of his mother. Irsu-Xin-Tiro’s mother was an Imperial Officer stationed on Raxus Prime because of her status as a non-human, and she and her husband were tasked with keeping the bickering moronic Jawas in line. Irsu-Xin-Tiro never had many problems with the Jawas, though, and reveled in the connection he felt when playing with the discarded technology he found growing up. He left Raxus Prime as an adolescent on a starship he repaired by himself, a discarded F-21 Thunderclap along with his own refitted R2-series astromech droid. Using the unregistered Thunderclap, he managed to make it as far as the Expansion Regions before his ship fell apart and his droid was stolen. Irsu-Xin-Tiro picked up work with a smuggler named Bodonna Luxso, and when she joined the Rebellion, Irsu-Xin-Tiro fell into line as a matter of destiny. Unfortunately, his captain was not to survive long in the Rebellion, as the Empire tightened its grip immensely following the destruction of the Death Star above Yavin. These days, he acts as an engineer on the medium rebel transport, Prosperity II.


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