Rejj Lightwing

Rebel Pilot


Also known as Blue Seven, Rejj Lightwing is a Corellian pilot raised to believe in the Rebel cause. His boyhood heroes were among the first rebel cell leaders: Hera Syndulla, Commander Jun Sato, and the mysterious Fulcrum. His parents taught him to trust in the Force, although what that means and how he should go about it are a little beyond him. With his rebellious nature he doesn’t pay too much attention to the philosophy of it, but rather yearns to live in a galaxy free from the Empire’s tyranny. Although he still holds his heroes in high regard, he isn’t without combat flight experience. Rejj flew an Ord Mantell mission that fought against a nasty team of bounty hunters that was after one of the Rebellion’s generals.

Rejj has been put on special assignment to oversee the delivery of a stolen R3 astromech droid to the new Rebel base on Hoth, courtesy of the Prosperity II. Although he has it held in an ion harness near the labor pool, he has to fit the droid with a restraining bolt prior to disembarking the transport.

Rejj Lightwing

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