Admiral Prine

Rebel cell leader


This Mon Cal looks more war-weary than you thought it was possible for one of his species to look. His large yellow eyes seem a little drier, his mouth sagging just a little bit more at the edges than his colleagues. Nevertheless, when Admiral Prine speaks everyone listens with rapt attention. His voice is deep and gruff, and has an energy to it that betrays his body language.


Admiral Prine was among the first of the Mon Calamari to join the Rebel Alliance, and he has focused his efforts largely on prying the Empire’s grip off of several Expansion territory planets. He has had several notable defeats under his belt, but he still commands a MC80 Star Cruiser named the Liberator. He is a direct cousin of Admiral Ackbar and fought alongside him at the Battle of Mon Cala. The Liberator houses a fleet of 10 A-Wing starfighters, 5 Y-wing starfighters, and 5 X-wing starfighters. It was part of the Rebel fleet escorting the Rebel army to the Anoat system to establish a base. Admiral Prine is also responsible for several subordinate ships, all GR-75 medium transports. They are the Prosperity II, Torphid’s Quasar, and the Lune Turtle. From time to time the Admiral is also in command of the Sundered Heart, a CR-70 Corellian Corvette..

Admiral Prine

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